Using social media to interact with your clients

Social media is a great way for companies to maintain their relationships with their clients and other relevant stakeholders. The social media presence of a company can shape it image to the public. Therefore you have to make sure you chose the right platforms and use them in a way that gets your message across.

We see different companies using various social media platforms to convey various senses of humour and various attitudes to their public. Sometimes they use these platforms as a way of getting their customers to engage with them. Whichever method you chose is up to you and the message you wish to convey. We have selected a few examples for you below.


The short messages

Twitter is a very popular platform through which companies communicate with their customers. There are many strategies they adopt to do this. Sometimes companies keep it straightforward and tweet about their products and various updates. They might even tweet responses at customers who have send them grievances or asked questions about the product through this platform. Other companies chose a more sassy approach by getting involved in social conversations through the official company twitter account. If done correctly these responses can go viral and get a lot of attention to your company. In addition to that it conveys a message to your clients, that you are a fun company with great ideas. The approach you chose depends on your public relations strategy.


Promoting a lifestyle through images

Instagram is a great way to show the artistic side of your company. You can use both Instagram videos and photographs to convey this message. You can make your product a part of a lifestyle brand by posting picture of it being used that way.

Another way in which you can appear more accessible to your clients is by asking them to send in pictures of themselves using your product which you can post on your Instagram. This is a great way of building your public relationships with your clients.


Bringing it all together.

You company can have a Facebook page which can bring together all the content you post throughout social media. A Facebook page is an essential part of the publicity strategy of any company today. They are free relatively easy to maintain as well. Furthermore it’s a platform that is so widely used that you know your content will be seen by the most number of people here. You can use this platform as a way in which people can raise their grievances with your company and communicate other issues that they might have had with your products etc.