The importance of building relationships

There are some skills that are imperative for corporate success. One of these skills is the ability to build a network. Networks are important for a number of reasons and they are also beneficial to different fields in different ways. We have considered a few such industries in which having a good network will be really useful. We have also added some tips on how you can build your network. It’s all about public relations and how you present yourself. If you industry is not on the list you can read the following examples and apply it to your line of work as well.


Party planning

 Networking skills is very important for party planning skills. You have to know where to go to get the items you need for your party. It’s also helpful when you want to give your clients a unique experience, to be able to find people who can help you get the things you need. For instance if you need some uncommon types of dishes or unusual décor for your party you will have to use your network to find the people who can supply you with these. Therefore when you meet new people add them to your network so that you can make it grow.  Try your best to maintain communication with them as well.



 Networking is very important for journalists because they have to know people who can give them details on various stories they are working on. Apart from constant communication journalists also have to build trust with their network so that people will be willing to divulge various details with them. For this reason, it’s important to show your integrity in the field and in the stories you write. Furthermore you have to treat your sources with care so that you don’t jeopardize their privacy.


If you build a good network as a journalist you will be able to get information about breaking stories before your competition. Getting this lead on the story is what will help you get ahead in your career.


The real estate industry

If you are working in the real estate industry also, you will find that a network is very useful. If you are a real estate agent, you will want to know when new properties are available on the market. You will also want to know who is looking for houses. In addition to this, if you build a good network you can get the people in this network to recommend you to their friends if they are also in the market for new houses.