How your company can deal with a publicity crisis

If your company has dealt with a publicity crisis recently you might want to know how to deal with such an issue. A publicity crisis is when something has gone wrong with your product or there is an incident that is damaging to the reputation of your company. These situations can spread quite fast on social media and it would be best for you to act fast and do some damage control before the thing gets out of hand. We have made a list of a few things you can do in such an instance.


Issue an apology


The best thing you can do and probably the most essential first step is to issue an apology. You can do so in person or send a note with a basket of goodies. Doing so in person really convey that you care. If you decide to do so personally you can assign representatives from the company to carry out the apology on behalf the company. However even if you were apologizing personally it would be better to publish the story online as well.  This is because so much information is shared online and it can really affect your company’s image if this story is published online without mentioning how it was rectified.


Replace the product


If the crisis is a faulty product, you can pay for the company to have it replaced. This is because it’s important that the customers get the value for their money. Therefore if they bought a product that is not sufficiently working it’s your obligation to have it replaced.


The promptness of your company’s response in providing goods of this nature will also impact its public image and the opinion that people have of your company.


Redact the statement  


Sometimes companies fall short of the standard expected of them by making wrongful statements online. Sometimes these statements are unintentionally offensive to various groups of people. The most innocent intentions can backfire on social media. These statements can offend numerous individuals for various reasons and therefore you have to be very mindful when posting things online.


Even if you are mindful sometimes a certain statement can rub people the wrong way and you will have to issue a statement of apology for it. You will also have to publicly redact the statement by removing it from social media and issuing a second statement where you acknowledge the fact that you have redacted the aforementioned statement. You can post this statement on your own social media platform like twitter.